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Weekly podcast

These podcasts offer an inspiring, thoughtful pathway for true spiritual progress in your life.

Recent episodes:

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  • This book healed me: The Bible
    The Bible is more than just a historical record. It’s a relevant, practical, and healing book. This week’s guest, Mary Alice Rose, shares how a spiritual understanding of the Bible has inspired and healed her.
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  • Effective prayer
    Do you sometimes feel like your prayers don’t have an effect? Or maybe that you’re waiting to be healed? This week’s guest, Alexandre Fischer, shares insights about how even in what can feel like complete darkness, there is light there to lead us forward.
    Christian Science Sentinel
  • Rise and shine
    This week’s guest, Nancy Humphrey Case, shares fresh insights from two of her experiences—a healing of physical exhaustion and praying for the life of a calf on her friend’s dairy farm. After our conversation with Nancy, stay tuned for a special message.
    Christian Science Sentinel
  • Why I left Christian Science—and why I came back
    This week’s guest, Julia Schuck, shares why she came back to Christian Science after she had left—and the healing that resulted in feeling God’s comfort and all-encompassing love.
    Christian Science Sentinel

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