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These podcasts offer an inspiring, thoughtful pathway for true spiritual progress in your life.

Recent episodes:

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  • Sticking with God when life is really bleak
    This week’s guest, DeWitt John Makengo, was a freshman in college in a country not his own right after he’d lost 90% of his hearing. And that was just one of several difficult challenges he faced. DeWitt shares with host Jenny Sawyer how sticking with God and learning more about Him can bring us out […]
    Christian Science Sentinel
  • Why would I trust God with my career?
    When our career doesn’t go to plan, or when we don’t know what we should do for a career, why would we lean on God for direction? What about what we want to do? Well, this week’s guest, Lesley Pitts, has a compelling answer.
    Christian Science Sentinel
  • 27 first dates
    Struggling with love? Dating? Relationships in general? This week’s guest, Kendra Nordin Beato, shares her own love story—and the spiritual lessons she learned from praying that helped her navigate the dating world and her long-time desire for companionship. There are insights here for anyone who’s wanted anything for a long time.
    Christian Science Sentinel
  • God is speaking. Listen up!
    If you’re a praying person, do you think about God … or experience God? And do you expect to hear God when you pray? This week’s guest, Bobby Lewis, shares what he’s learned about prayer through his own experiences, including what it feels like when we make room to hear God.
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